Paging Grey’s Anatomy Season 14!


        Paging Greys Anatomy season 14! It’s official your favorite T.V. doctors are back and better than ever! Recent press releases have hinted towards major developments in the upcoming season. We left off last season with the exit of a fan favorite, Stephanie Edwards, after facing an explosion in the hospital. Fans shouldn’t worry quite yet as this new season should bring surprises. Many new, and old characters are scheduled to make an appearance on this season.  It has now been confirmed that Owen Hunts sister, Meghan, will make her first appearance at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital to complete her recovery after being found alive in a war zone where she has been presumed dead for 12 years. This has come as a shock to longtime fans. However, Megan’s not making her first appearance alone! She’s bringing back Teddy Altman with her! Could this mean a possible new love interest?

        Love interests made a complicated storyline in season 13 and could prove problematic again. The constant on-again off-again relationship with Jo Wilson and Alex Karev is back and causing more issues than ever. After finding out about Jo’s secret failed and abusive marrige, Alex is now on the hunt for Jo’s abusive husband. Jo’s husband, Paul Stadler, played by Matthew Morrison.

After last season’s dark themes, producer Shonda Rimes has made it clear that this season should have a lighter tone to it. Season 14 is sure to bring shocks and surprises to keep audiences on the edge of their seat. Be sure to tune in to ABC on Thursday September 28 for the 2 hour premier of Grey’s Anatomy!