Hurricane Harvey Takes its Toll

Hurricane Harvey is labeled at category 4, the first category 4 hurricane in Texas since 1961, and Houston, Texas is taking the worst of it. There has been upwards of 50 inches of rainfall and more to come leaving roads flooded and neighborhoods resembling lakes. This hurricane has torn through Texas leaving 13 dead along with tens of thousands of victims struggling to find shelter and refuge. Before Harvey struck Texas, many people were struggling with the decision to abandon their homes for the fact that a mandatory evacuation was not issued.

“One of the largest disasters America has ever faced,” Governor Greg Abbott on the current situation. (credit: NY Times)

Harvey formed between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean as a tropical storm and in just 56 hours it developed into a category 4 hurricane over the Gulf of Mexico, proceeding to make landfall two days later. When Harvey hit, it hit hard with winds raging up to 130 mph and leaving citizens of Texas in a panic from the unforeseen sudden arrival of Mother Nature. The Hurricane has now reduced to a tropical storm but more rain is expected through Friday, September 1st.

Many organizations including The Red Cross and Salvation Army are raising money to provide shelter, food and other assistance to flood victims. Help is even being received locally, including the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston opening as a mass shelter to help anyone and everyone they possibly can with Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center soon to follow suit. Our love and prayers go out to Houston in this time of need. The struggle of which they have been through is a struggle no one should have to experience. The expected cost of recovery post-storm is around 30 billion dollars.

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