Barcelona, Spain: The Tragedy of Terrorism

          “Terrorism is contempt for human dignity,” said Kjell Magne Bondevik. We all have a similar question; What extent of terror is required for their acts of violence to be dignified?  

          On Thursday afternoon a terror attack took place in Barcelona, Spain.  The attack consisted of a van being driven down a crowded street in Barcelona and swerved to hit as many people as possible while going at an extreme speed of seventy miles per hour. The attack was described as a “tidal wave” of people flying in the air by tourists. Fourteen citizens were announced deceased, including one American and over one-hundred injured.

          The suspects were deemed to be driving a white van while witnesses testified their fear and shock. A normal day quickly turned into a disaster, while Davies, a witness on the scene, expresses his fear.

“I thought I was watching a film, one of them horror films,” said Davies in an interview with Fox News.

        The Barcelona attack was claimed by ISIS and was planned to even be much more traumatic. With an original plan to blow up a near-by house, the plan was changed to hitting as many people as possible in the calm streets of Barcelona. As we keep those involved in this tragedy in our thoughts, we also have the creeping fear of ‘Who’s next?’ lurking in the back of our minds. Is ISIS out for Barcelona? And why? Barcelona has arable land as one of its major natural resources. Could this attack be a first move on trying to overthrow yet another country, or possibly just the blood-thirsty terrorists out for more homicides? We keep all of those who have passed, or have loved ones who have passed from terror attacks in our minds, but this weekend we send our love especially to Barcelona, Spain, en memoria de todos los difuntos, (in loving memory of all the deceased).