Domestic Dispute Sends Palmetto Schools into Lockdown

A domestic dispute on Bayshore in Palmetto, Florida caused Palmetto High and Lincoln middle to be on lockdown for over four hours across the span of one school day. The situation began early Wednesday morning when convicted felon, Bobby Sharpe, and his Ex-girlfriend got into an argument in a rest area near the Skyway Bridge. During the argument, Sharpe’s ex noticed he was carrying a gun and tried to take it away from him in self-defense. During their struggle, Sharpe hit his ex over the head and drove her back to his house, near Bible Baptist Church, on Bayshore road. He then proceeded to force her inside the house at gunpoint. Once inside the house, his ex claims that Sharpe then forced her into his bedroom and beat her. The victim was able to escape the house around 8:00 AM and contact the Palmetto Police Department. Due to the fact that Sharpe was believed to be armed, the SWAT team appeared on the scene and evacuated two neighboring houses. The negotiators then tried and failed to convince Sharpe to disarm himself and come out of the house. After numerous, non-physical attempts to draw Sharpe out of his house, the SWAT team entered his house at 12:41 PM. Upon entering his home, law enforcement discovered that Sharpe, still armed, had escaped to a wooded area behind his house. It wasn’t until 1:53 PM that the police were able to disarm Sharpe using non-lethal tactics, ultimately ending the standoff peacefully. Throughout this whole situation, the neighborhood surrounding Sharpe’s house was not the only area affected by this standoff. Although the Manatee County Sherriff’s Department’s spokesman, Randy Warren, stated that the police dept. never felt as if Sharpe posed any danger to nearby schools, the administration in both Palmetto High School and Lincoln middle school took precautionary measures by putting the schools on lockdown. Thus forcing over 2,200 students to be locked in their classrooms for extended periods of time. Even though students may have experienced extreme stir-craziness while stuck in their classrooms, in the end, Sharpe was apprehended and no-one was harmed.