Annabelle: Creation, Worth the Hype?


              The new Annabelle: Creation movie will have you sleeping with the lights on for the next few nights. From the beginning of the movie till the very end, the suspense never lightened up and neither did the jump scares.

              The movie is all about a man and his wife opening up their house to a group of six orphans and while staying at the house, the girls get more than they bargained for when they have to escape a demon of the homeowners deceased daughter, that has possessed one of their own. The movie doesn’t correlate completely with the first movie of the series, Annabelle, because it changes the focus off the young couple from the first movie to the girls from the orphanage. The new movie was more animated and showy than the original in it’s stereotypical horror content.

              While the movie’s storyline was very easy to understand, the plot dwindled out in the middle and was a little repetitious, you would see the doll and then there would be a jump scare. The end of the movie was more climactic because Janice (the weakest of the group because of her fight against the polio outbreak) takes on the role of Annabelle and is adopted by a new family, and it shows how she grows up to become the women in the original Annabelle movie from 2014. I would highly suggest this movie if you are an avid horror movie fan, but if you are easily scared by paranormal content you might want to pass.