Blank Space or Instagram? Only Swift can tell

Taylor Swift has had a very quiet year, but in the last few months she has been appearing in the headlines more often. Swift’s fans were ecstatic when she decided to put her music back on Spotify on June 9, 2017 after an ongoing feud. But fans can’t help but notice that Swift is a little late to announce the release of a new album. She has stuck to a pretty strict schedule of releasing a new album every two years since she released her first one in 2006, but Friday, August 18, marked the three year anniversary of the announcement of the release of her last album, “1989.” Also on that Friday morning, Swift deleted all of the pictures on her Instagram, her profile picture on Facebook, her profile picture on Twitter and all her posts on her official website. Fans went crazy, claiming that Swift had broken the internet with her rash decision. They also started to speculate that this may lead to the release of a new album and Taylor was just creating a big scene to get all attention back on her to increase her sales. Taylor Swift has been known to go to extreme measures to get publicity for her music, so could this be a new marketing tactic or is Taylor really saying goodbye to social media?