Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma Review



The Razer black widow keypad is not just a normal keypad. this is one of Razer’s newest editions and one of their most popular. This mechanical keypad is very smooth and has a nice click when you press down each and every button. Any color that your heart can desire can be programmed  to show up on the keys as well as a back light for the keypad its self.  Other than that you can choose from many different functions and gaming features. Not only does it have these features but it comes with a very nice carrying case, flexible nylon cable, and instruction kit.

A price range for this keypad can be very expensive, costing around 130-140 dollars. don’t let the price deter  you , what you are paying for is worth every penny. They are other models for this keypad that you can get in different price ranges, the model up from this one can cost you around 165-200 dollars while the step below this can be found for around 75-80 dollars. These keypads can be found at local stores such as best buy, and Walmart, online stores where you can find this are the Razer store, amazon, and eBay.  not only does it have the functions above but it also has an anti-ghosting capability which allows you not to hit another key on accident if you are gaming.

Gaming is its primary function but this can be used in everyday life. this is a great gift idea if you know someone is a PC gamer and with the holidays coming around is might be something you want to look out for. All in all this is a very nice keypad crafted from a very nice plastic metal material. The colors are very bright and the options you can program are endless. I can recommend this product to anyone is looking to step up their set up or maybe just wants something new and flashy.