Escaping the Escape Game

Orlando Florida is home to many famous attractions; From Disney Parks to Oldtown,  Disney springs (previously known as Downtown Disney) to The Gaylord hotel, Aquatica to Gatorland, and many more; it seems as though Orlando is bursting at the seams with fun things to do.  However, hidden behind all of the large and well-known attractions lies a true hidden gem, The Escape Game.

escape-game-austin-classifiedSix students of the 2015-16 journalism class (Lorelei Fjare, Faith George, Michaela Klemkosky, Gabrielle Langlois, Dalynn Massey, and Brandie Teachey ) as well as advisor, Mr. Lopez all participated in Orlando’s ‘The Escape Game: Classified’. The room was not at all what was expected. The ceiling was covered with brightly colored fabrics sporting bold and intricate patterns, a tile floor containing only a heavy and colorful blanket, and a few stray beans and coffee grounds. Shelving lined one wall, and upon the shelves lay vases and baskets, containers of beans and grounds, and baskets of fruit and bracelets. On the back wall lay another room visible through a barred window and complete with a locked door. Once inside the chilly room, a video was played on a monitor placed high upon the wall. This video set an interactive story for participants, in short, explaining that there were terrorist attacks occurring in the Middle East, and partakers had to find the date, the time, and the place that the next attack would occur. Else the world was to end. With the stakes now set high, even if completely imaginary, participants had to find clues hidden around the room to figure out the three unanswered questions, and all in only one hour.

Ready to complete the game and accomplish what seven out of ten groups do not, the journalism students began their quest with a great vigor. Looking all around the small room for clues and hidden things, the class was able to make it into the barred room with only slight difficulty. However things got progressively more difficult. Everyone full of adrenaline and a hurried energy, the class found the second room, complete with a variety of colorful decorations and an eye catching tomb-like box placed in the middle of the area. While this room was much more difficult, the task was in fact completed once the tomb was unlocked, revealing a small crawl space leading to another, much larger room. With little time left on the clock, the class was frantic for clues. Searching every nook and cranny, but often missing the most obvious. Screaming at one another in the frantic way groups often work, the class looked for clues everywhere, freaking out as time clocked down. But with one minute left to the hour, the class figured out the time, the date, and the place of attack. Relieved, everyone cheered, hardly believing they had succeeded.

“Mr. Lopez and the rest of us escaped with 1 minute and 47 seconds left! I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes solving clues and just wants to do something besides go to a theme park,” News Editor Michaela Klemkosky said.

With the Escape Game being one of the most fun things I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing in Orlando, I highly recommend participating in this exciting and challenging game. I promise that you will not be disappointed.