The Cop Who Got Beaten

A sheriff’s life was saved by the Good Samartian. The man got out of his car while he was at a traffic stop. The Deputy First Class Dean Bardes was working on the free way when he tried to pull over the man driving the blue Toyota. Instead of stopping the man took off at 100 miles per hour. The suspect got out of the car and took out his rage on the cop. The sheriff gardes gave a chase before they both finally stopped. When they got into the confrontation with Bardes he started to beat the officer at the side of the road. It started to get “bad” until another car pulled up to help the cop. There was another man driving past the scene and witnessed the brutal breathing. The man got out of the car and told the man to get off the officer. The other man that got out of the car had a concealed weapon license, complied and had shot the suspect three times. After they got everyone off each other both the suspect and the officer was taken to the hospital. The suspect had died from his injuries while the officer was treated and then released.

This incident shows how when you see a cop and they pull you over or they chase after you, you tend to jump to conclusions. When you are the suspect being talked to you need to calm down and wait for the sheriff to tell you the reason why you got pulled over. Incidents like these can put you in a worse spot after everything goes down. There have been several times when some one is pulled over and they start to yell at the sheriff and all the sheriff wanted to do was give you a warning.

Deputy Dean Bardes was bruetly attacked when he was just trying to pull the suspect over. The suspect freaked out and speed off and then went after the cop when he finally reached him. The man that helped the cop saved the sheriffs life by getting the man off of him with a gun. When he shot he did not hit the sheriff but he did hit the suspect and it caused the him to realize he needed to back off. The sheriff could have lost his life when all he was trying to do was pull the car over on the free way.