Scott Christensen Finalist for All-Expense Paid Scholarship To UNC Charlotte

Senior Scott Christensen has the chance to receive an all-expense paid scholarship to UNC Charlotte. Christensen was chosen as a finalist for his leadership and writing skills he displayed in an essay that led him to be a finalist. He will fly to North Carolina February 12th and 13th for an interview that will decide whether or not the scholarship will be his.

Along with all expenses paid, each Summer Christensen will have the opportunity to participate in various leadership programs. The first summer is a Wilderness Trek in either Wyoming or Alaska.  The second is an internship in a nonprofit and the third summer Christensen will work with large companies like Apple or Microsoft.  Christensen is most excited about studying abroad in either Hong Kong or Singapore for the fourth summer of his college career. He understands the sacrifice it will take to accept this scholarship if he receives it but he is beyond ecstatic to just be a finalist.

“I am so excited. It is an opportunity you cannot refuse, but I will be sad I will not ever see my family,” says Christensen.

Christensen has Palmetto High’s support and we hope he will return with the full-ride scholarship nailed down.