Women’s March on Washington

On January 21st, 2017 over five million women all over the world band together to raise awareness for a magnitude of problems they are currently facing. The protesters were marching for reasons from health care and IED’s to immigration issues. One of the greatest issues brought about was the fact that planned parenthood would be ending, which affects all types of families in so many areas. In Washington D.C. alone over 1 million men and women marched and protested the unfair treatment and lack of attention brought to issues faced by women every day, and women were marching on all 7 continents (yes, even on Antarctica)!

              “Today, we are here to deliver a message: We are not going to take this laying down… For the majority of the people in this country, Planned Parenthood is not the problem- we are the solution,” said Cecilie Richards, President of Planned Parenthood.

One of our very own Palmetto High School employees, Ms. Flynt, marched in the Women’s Parade to show her support for the change that needs to be brought about. She highlighted the amount of amazing people she met when she was there, noting that it was not only women marching, but there were men there supporting it just as much. She also talked about the diversity in the group and the issues and how so many different religions, races, and ethnicities could all be affected by the same types of problems all over the country and the world.

              “That is what the march was all about, protecting all the things that we value. And for those of us who know that we have privilege to stand up for those that we know do not,” said Ashley Flynt.

Many more women and men came out to show their concerns than anyone expected, but it brought great publicity to the issues. Hopefully the magnitude of the march was enough to get the attention of the government so they could act accordingly to resolve the issues.