Review: Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

Nearly nine years have passed since the last book of the Harry Potter Series has been published. Now begins a entirely new Era; “The eighth story. Nineteen years later,” quotes the book cover. Harry Potter fans across the globe have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new book, The Cursed Child. The story is more of a play walk through, told through the eyes of Harry Potters son, Albus Potter. The boy comes to learn that he can not compete with the likes of his father; in fact the boy is the exact opposite of his father. Albus must live up to the Potter name, and struggles to do so, along the way he chooses to right the wrongs he feels his father has done, yet it isn’t as simple as it seems. Through trial and error, Albus travels through time as he discovers the importance of the past and its effect on the future in the company of his friend Scorpius Malfoy (Son of Harry Potter’s rival: Draco Malfoy).

While some may feel hesitant to the change in the Potter universe, countless others are excited to part-take in the adventure again through different eyes of multiple characters and embrace the new era. Many who choose to go on the new adventure find themselves on a roller coaster of emotions with the characters reaching high points of joy and laughter, and low of sympathy and heartbreak for the characters. The book receiving a 4/5 from Common Sense Media. The book has already sold more than 4 million copies in North America only, the number only expecting to gain in the upcoming year with the release of a new Harry Potter movie: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

The Cursed Child can be found at a variety of stories from Book-A-Million, Barnes and Noble, to even Wal-Mart.  Yet, to those more extreme fans, you could go to London, England to see the live production of the play itself. The book overall was well worth the read and many fans of the series should feel anxious of what is coming next from the mind of J.K. Rowling herself.