Inexpensive Dates that Will Not Break the Bank

It’s hard enough trying to figure out what you alone want to do and can afford, but trying to add a significant other to the mix is a whole other set of issues. During the start of school, couples might find it increasingly difficult to discover fun dates that don’t break the bank. But worry not, said couples, for a list of inexpensive and fun dates has been listed here for you:

-Sutton Park’s “Movie in The Park” (The first Friday of every month, Palmetto’s Sutton Park hosts a free movie showing that begins at sundown. It is generally a family event, so movies tend to be cartoons or ‘kids movies. Don’t forget to bring blankets, bug spray, and plenty of snacks!)

-Go to the beach for the day

-Head on out to Emerson Point (Here you can explore the many different nature trails, go fishing, have a picnic outdoors, and go for a swim)

-Go on an ice cream date (Get ice cream together then just walk around town and enjoy each other’s company)

-Go to Robinson’s Preserve (While you’re here you can bird watch, hike through nature trails, go kayaking, and more!)

-Go for a bike ride

-Rent a movie from Redbox and watch it at home together (paired with some delicious snacks of course)

-Have a picnic (Pack your favorite foods and head on out to you and your SO’s favorite spot)

-Go to the Ruskin Drive In    ruskin

-Cook together

-Bake together

-Order a pizza and eat it in a park

-Watch the sunrise/sunset

-Go get coffee or tea together and just enjoy being with the other person

-Go stargazing (Go to a park or the beach at night and just look at the stars. Or you can even go on your roof.)

-Go to a drum circle (Held every Sunday night at Siesta Key beach. It begins one hour before sundown and usually lasts a few hours. Best part is, it’s free and is a fun and different experience.)

-Go to a local museum (There are some very interesting and unique ones in Sarasota, and more scattered all over Florida.)

-Have a movie marathon

-Have a Netflix marathon (and watch shows like The Office, Sherlock, Bob’s Burgers, Mad Men, Parks and Rec, How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development, Bates Motel, and much, much more.)

cheap dates  While at first it may seem that there’s not much to do around here that’s fun and cheap, a second look and appreciating all the small things you’re able to do with your significant other can turn a great school year into a fun one.