The Era of the Hacktivists

“Hacktivist” is a word derived from “hacker” and “activist.” Hacktivists are found among all nations and are experts so-to-speak at what they do. One of the most popular hacktivist groups is quite literally anonymous.

Anonymous is a group that originated in 2003 that consists of tech-savvy people that use their brains and technology to protest against censorship, legal, societal, and political wrongdoings. Anonymous is, comparatively, the first domino to topple over. They define themselves with a warning, saying: We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect Us.

Anonymous does not target the people but rather the government and its control over the people. This hacktivist group has targeted Israel, Tunisia, Uganda, the Westboro Baptist Church, ISIS, child pornography sites, as well as the US government and others. “Anons” publically have been known to support WikiLeaks and others that act to break down the government/people barrier.

One of the most well known accomplishments of a group affiliated with anonymous is Operation KKK, or as you may know it, Operation Hoods Off. November 5th, 2015, Anonymous leaked the identities of 350 alleged Ku Klux Klan Members, some of which soon after publicly owned up to being involved with the KKK.

The reason this release was so well known was because not only did it include names of informants from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), but also included several local mayors and US senators.

The account that released this information also said it had held back some names for “further investigation.”

Supporters have described the Anonymous group as “freedom fighters” or even “digital Robin Hoods,” while critics call them “a cyber lynch-mob.”

Whatever you define them as, it is agreeable that while they wear a mask- they are not hiding.