Watches: Telling Time or Fashion?

We are at a time where almost everyone owns at least one watch. Many all around are marking their Christmas lists asking for their favorite whether it be Michael Kors, Fossil, Invicta or any other big watch company.

The purpose behind a watch is obvious- telling time. But lately it seems as if that is no longer the idea behind wearing one. Many people will pull out their phones to check the time rather than just glancing at the watch on their wrist.

“I wear watches because they look good on me and they add to my style,” said senior Alex Rosario.

Growing up in an era where technology is advancing quickly, the knowledge to be able to do ‘simple’ tasks such as read a watch are fading. A good thing for watch companies is that people do not seem to mind if they can read their watch because they like them anyways. Watches can be a nice touch and they can even tell you a lot about a person.

“I like seeing different watches and how people use them to accessorize their outfit. It is something that just stands out,” said freshmen Heather Coomes.

They used to be just basic objects that really did not matter what they looked like because they were used strictly to see how far along you have gotten  into your day. Now, they are a fashion statement. People all have their preferences between gold or silver, electronic or mechanical and even sparkly or plain. They come in all kinds.