A Fresh Spin on Food for the Holidays

Fall has arrived, even though the merciless Florida weather would beg to differ, and that means a time for change. It is time to come up with an alternative to your usual iced coffee, time for warmer clothes, and it is time to think about the healthier food options this holiday season, while still satisfying your taste buds. One of the healthiest root vegetables to eat is the sweet potato and it makes a great side dish to have at a Thanksgiving feast. Instead of the traditional pumpkin pie dessert, try satisfying your sweet tooth with this substitute.  Another idea is to try adding fruit to any meal. One option to have as a snack is a pear. Pears are great to add to a lunch, or even to include in a morning breakfast. Have any extra pumpkins lying around? Pumpkins are enriched in vitamin A and C. Do not forget whole grain pasta, maybe topped with a light tomato sauce that is perfect for any family dinner.

Now moving on to those perfect game day party food items, because this is where it gets tricky. For every game day party you definitely need some chips and dip to serve to your guests as you gather to cheer on your favorite sports team. One way to make it a healthier option is by making an avocado ranch dip, or a warm salted caramel dip. But to have a perfect party you need wings, mini hot dogs, and burger sliders. However, to put a healthy spin to those food choices you can make them all natural with a simple Google search. You could even use a vegetable or cheese tray.

And lastly, great ideas for a healthy fall dinner – the choices are endless.  You can start with a chicken breast seared with kale and spinach. For added flavor try cooking it with sliced apples, pecans, and cinnamon sugar. To have a perfect end to a satisfying meal you can treat yourself with a nice piece of cheesecake with fresh raspberries, or a homemade strawberry shortcake.