A Flashback to Nineties Fashion

While I am in the midst of walking through Palmetto High’s lovely campus, I have been starting to notice and increasing amount of people with black rings around their neck. It has been peaking my interest, so I started to look closer to observe what it is and  it happened to be a choker. Is it possible that we are going through a flashback to nineties fashion?

“I have noticed that chokers are coming back as a trend and they honestly just depend on who wears them and how they look on that person. Sometimes a girl can pull it off with a cute shirt and some matching shoes but other times they just stand out too much and look awful,” said sophomore Marissa Hudson

Chokers are necklaces that can be made out of a different variety of materials such as plastic, velvet, and silk. They get their mysterious name from the fact that these necklaces fit tightly around the neck like a collar and they do not drape down to the collar bone or chest and they look like that if it were any tighter, they would be choker the person that is wearing them. The idea of the choker may have been developed during the French Revolution when women would wear red ribbons around their necks to symbolize loved ones who had perished because of the guillotine. The choker necklace was also popular in the roaring twenties and women would wear them to call attention to their slim or long necks, and maybe even to take attention away from any other imperfections on their body. Today, the idea of wearing a choker is simply just for fashion reasons and it does not symbolize anything. The most popular type of choker that seems to be at Palmetto High  is the tattoo choker. It is a thin, plastic necklace that is in a sort of lace pattern that fits tightly around the neck.

“In some cases, chokers look great. I like how they can be an eye catcher and that they are cool looking. They can be extremely decorative and colorful and they add a certain quality to looks or fashion,” said sophomore Alex Diaz.

This flashback to nineties fashion seems to be working out well. Even though we are going back to different fashion trends instead of making more of our own as a generation, I believe that chokers add a certain modesty to the fashion trends of today.