Video Overload: the Growing Popularity of YouTube


YouTube is a site climbing in popularity where people can record and post almost anything that they set their mind to.  They want  users to create their own channels and broadcast themselves so people can enjoy entertaining content from around the world. Videos can range anywhere from gaming, to streaming, to even a daily ‘vlog’ (a video blog).  The community of YouTube is becoming so large that some of the people that post content are starting to get paid. Some of the most popular YouTuber’s  include Vanoss Gaming, Pew Die Pie, and Markiplier.

These people have become so popular that they have anywhere from 3 to 30 million subscribers. The more popular they become, the more revenue they can begin to profit. These three examples are mostly popular for posting gaming content ranging from Call of Duty to simpler more creative games such as Minecraft. However, there are more than just games to be watched on YouTube, some people create content that has to deal with what they do on a daily basis.

Though the website has been of significance for years, more and more people are beginning to unlock this new found enjoyment. This is a very easy website to use there is a handy search bar to find anything that you could possibly need. Even help with school can be found on YouTube, ranging from videos on math, to science, and even history. Next time you are needing help with homework or want a quick laugh, make sure to check out YouTube for hours of fun and excitement.