Terminating the Timeless Tie

Men have been wearing pants of some type since the Middle Ages, and it seems unlikely they will ever go out of style, but not every clothing article is blessed with such appeal. Many statements once idealized as the epitome of fashion have quickly died out. One such piece, the neck tie, has seen a marked decline, leading many to wonder does the tie have a place in modern society?

“(The tie) is kinda classy, it shows he really wants to dress well,” said Senior Javier Heredia.

Ties come in a wide range of colours, textures and sizes that vary with changing trends, influenced by female’s preference and the wearer’s personality.  As a clothing article, the tie seems to have little purpose. No doubt an article of expression, what practical use is there to this flap of fabric cinched around your neck? Many men would now say none, but for others, the tie is a mandatory ritual.

“I am in a professional job, and I feel like I need to dress professionally,” said tie aficionado Rui Fernandes, on his reasons for wearing a tie every day to his on-campus job as the college and career counselor.

Many businesses require a tie of some sort, either for day to day use or just important meetings. But even with this sanction, the neckwear may be dying out. According to a Gallup poll, only 6% of men report wearing a tie to work every day. As a reflection, sales have plummeted. CNN reports a fall of $1.1 billion in tie sales between 1995 and 2008, with very little rise since then. The fad of dressing down has become much more apparent in American workplaces, forcing the tie to be, well, uneccessary.

“People prefer to dress casual, comfortably,  there is not much point to dressing up anymore,” said Heredia.

No doubt men agree with Heredia. Even the fathers most stringent in their tie-wearing never keep the business wear when watching a football game, or lounging on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The tie is just not as comfortable as a sweatshirt, and in a society that seems to prioritise “causal” more every day, this article of manliness may be falling from glory. It may be time for us to lay our beloved neckwear to rest, and adopt a new emblem of style. Hipster Frames, anyone?