First Day For Freshman

The day starts out with an early rise, the first of many rude wake up calls to summer ending. Then you get your shower, brush your teeth, do your hair. After breakfast, you get to your bus stop five minutes earlier than you are supposed to just in case, only to find out your bus driver generally shows up ten minutes late every day. While riding the bus it really starts sinking in, high school is beginning. A pit in your stomach slowly grows as the anxiety, excitement and a whole other host of emotions threaten to make you throw up or pass out. When you get off the bus you feel like you have just accidentally wandered into some unknown foreign land. You immediately look for the people you recognize and roam the halls in herds as if the upperclassmen were going to leap out and swallow you up if they caught you alone. It is your very first day stepping foot on Palmetto High School’s campus as a student. Now I know it may seem pretty scary, but believe me, every student who has ever attended Palmetto went through the same thing.  But after about a week you will come to recognize it as your new home.

As a Junior, I watched the freshman on the first day and was surprised to find out that they are incredibly easy to keep-calm-and-be-a-freshmanspot. They all have the exact same trademark freshman qualities; they wander aimlessly around and have a mixture of fear, excitement, and hope in their eyes. They are intimidated by you, but also inspired. The question I found myself asking was, is this what I looked like on my first day? I knew the answer to the question before I finished the thought; yes. At that point in every high school student’s life, we looked EXACTLY like that.

To the freshman I would offer one simple and overused piece of advice; just be yourself. You are not in middle school anymore, you are a big kid now, and the possibilities are limitless. Do not worry about what others think of you because none of that really matters. Have fun with the little time you have as a high school student and welcome to your future.