Palmetto High Takes on The Washington Post

Palmetto High is becoming known as a school on the rise, and not just locally. The Washington Post ranks the top high schools in the country every year and Palmetto was recently ranked 411 out of 1102 schools in the southern region for 2015.

A ranking of 411 may seem like a very large number when thinking in terms of first, second, and third place; however, when you factor in the large number of schools we were competing against, 411 is a golden number. This rank is decided by taking the number of advanced tests a school takes (AP, IB, and/or AICE) and dividing it by the number of seniors that graduate. Here at Palmetto, we offer numerous AICE and AP courses, which may explain our impressive ranking. Braden River High School ranked 747 and Manatee High School ranked 789, proving that #411 is something for Palmetto High staff and students to be proud of!

“This is a huge accomplishment and a tribute to the outstanding job you do each and every day,” said Principal Willie Clark. “Go Tigers!”