Sucking Up Like A Pro For The Average Joe

Whether it is trying to persuade your parents to un-ground you or getting your teacher to put in that late assignment, sucking up is an important skill. These are the steps to do it like a pro.

Step 1: You are always wrong. Period!

No matter whose fault you think it is, if you go into the situation trying to prove them wrong, then they will become defensive and will not be  willing to make an exception for that one late assignment or that one thing you did to screw up.

Step 2: Go Above And Beyond.

Do something before hand that will impress them before going to talk to them. If it is your parents, do a little extra chores around the house to put them in a good mood. If it is your teacher, do the missing assignment anyways and show them that you did it even though it might not be worth anything. Trust me the best way to start sucking up is to do something for them.

Step 3: Plan what you are going to say.

This is an important step, you should be prepared and know what you want to say. This is important because you want things to come across the right way so it does not feel like an attack.

Step 4: Be Humble.

No matter what you do the most important step is, delivery. You can have the greatest argument in the world but if you come across as rude or inconsiderate your teachers and parents will not want to do anything for you.

Just follow these four simple steps and you’ll suck up with the best of us and not have to worry every again about having your personal belongings taken away from you.