Justin Bieber: Fans Become a Disgrace

As kids, it was natural to be fans of famous celebrities. We obliviously followed NYSNC, Brittney Spears, and other iconic pop stars for years, having no idea what secrets were exposed of them via magazines and interviews. We liked the music, so we attached ourselves to them. Nowadays, teenagers have been doing the same thing with fellow heartthrob Justin Bieber. It has not been the elementary school kids that are swooning, however. The majority of Bieber’s fans are high school girls, and the growth of this fandom is rapidly increasing day by day. No, it is not because of his music career; it is because of his looks, cocky attitude, and criminal behavior. For some reason, this has teenage girls screaming in delight, eager to catch a glimpse of the star before he spits on them from his balcony, just like the incident in July 2013.

I have never found jerks to be attractive, but there are a million others who disagree with me. They would rather have a trash-talking, angry, defensive guy rather than a guy who is level-headed and sweet. Obviously, Justin Bieber is aware of this, and it is why he continues to act out in the public eye. When Bieber was thrown in the slammer for drag racing, drinking under the influence, resisting arrest without violence, driving on an expired license, and being under the influence of drugs, fans stood up for his actions. They claimed he did no wrong. Since when has this been okay? If a thirty year old drunk crashes into a pole, he is considered a disgrace, but Bieber is okay because he has ‘swag’? What if he would have hit someone, or worse; killed someone? Fans would probably continue to stick up for his behavior in hopes of being the next girl to film him while he was sleeping after a night in a hotel room, just as it was done in November 2013.

bieber fansGirls these days will do absolutely anything to get noticed, and this is what terrifies me. They set low standards for themselves, and want a relationship that will not only be entertaining to themselves, but also to their audience. There is no such thing as self-respect. These fans are going crazy, and it is about time that they were knocked down a few pegs. When Bieber fans realize that this criminal, obnoxious behavior is neither ‘cute’ nor ‘enticing’, they may be able to land themselves a steady relationship in reality. This is a message not only to Bieber, but guys in high school today that act like him: grow up and live a better life. You deserve greater things; people who will support you because of the good person that you are and the amazing ways that you give back to the community, not because of the money you earn or the way you dress. Ladies: learn to love yourself and realize there are better people out there – people who will treat you with love and respect.